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About Adverse Coin

Earn Bitcoin when Holding Adverse Coin

Adverse Coin is an auto Bitcoin reward token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Our goal is to raise awareness of adverse events caused by covid19 vaccines, fight against mandates and raise donations for those suffering from adverse events due to vaccines. Mainstream media will have to acknowledge our stories as popularity of Adverse Coin grows. Independent journalist who shares the stories of those effected by adverse events have been censored and their pay-pal donations have been blocked. We invite all to use Adverse Coin as donations to help our journalist continue to share the uncensored truth.



Adverse Coin has two main functions on every trade auto BTC rewards and auto Liquidity


Earn BTC

Two percent of every transaction get turned into BTCB and distributed to all holders holding at least $50 USD worth of ADE.

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We chose to make Adverse Coin's supply ten billion, because we believe a ten billion market cap is possible. ADE to one dollar per coin!


Auto LP

Four percent of every transaction is automictically added to the liquidity pool. All newly generated LP  token are burned and can never be removed. 

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The Uncensored Truth